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To create the most powerful, user friendly Property Management System on the market and to offer that system at an affordable price. Ten years on it has achieved these goals and accomplished much more besides. It is loaded with feature rich tools that furnish accommodation providers with everything they need to run their business effectively. It must also be said that the success of WHT is largely due to the continued collaboration with it’s clients who have joined the think tank and enabled WHT to become a software that was not just created for hoteliers but by hoteliers.

We firmly believe it’s the people behind the software that make it great and besides our hoteliers we have a terrific team of developers who work tirelessly to continue the advancement of the system, to increase functionality and to ensure the software remains at the forefront of technological innovation. We recognise that our clients will on occasion need help along the way and that is why we also have dozens of support workers who are literally available 24/7 to provide outstanding support and assistance at no extra charge to our clients and in all our supported languages.

WHT now has thousands of users across 100+ countries who trust us to help them grow their business and take care of the daily running of their hotel. Getting started is easy.

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